Editorial Board

    It is important for staff, faculty and industrial person working together to perform the high-quality review process. Editorial boards communicate on a regular basis to review or select manuscripts or articles.

    Editors and Officers

    Dr. Steve Chan, Senior Research Editor & Editor-in-Chief, Harvard University

    Callan Krevanko, Primary Editor & Editor-in-Chief, Harvard University

    Dr. Richard Manfready, Chief Development Officer, Harvard University

    Dr. Connie Dong, Manuscript Editor, University of Pennsylvania

    Daniel J. Morrison, Chief Development Officer & Editor-in-Chief, Harvard University

    Dan Rudolph, Chief Development Officer, Harvard University

    Neil Thivalapill, Chief Operating Officer, Harvard University

    Dr. Jun Han, Chief Development Officer, Yale University

    Dr. Shivanie Saith, Managing Editor,  Florida University

    Thaalank Ranjan, Secondary Editor, Cornell University

    Associate Editors

    Jack Willinsky, Specialist in Automated Processing of Data

    Christie Goodings, Metadata and Technical Coordination

    Technical Assistants

    Cameron Croon, Information Systems

    Amit Lukin, Web Developer