A Message From the Chairmen

NY-CSEF, hosted and managed by faculties and alumni of prestigious universities, seeks to publish innovative scholarly manuscripts.

    Dear Contributors and Reviewers

    We are delighted to present this year’s edition of the NY-CSEF, a collection of several student-written essays showcasing the wonderful breadth of academic curiosity! Founded upon the basis of adventurous thinking and questioning, The Journal of NY-CSEF hopes to foster a creative spirit in many fields of learning.

    It is an honor to receive such a number of insightful and thought-provoking pieces from the exceptional minds of high school and undergraduate students. Your submissions are reviewed thoroughly and held to an incredibly high standard; NY-CSEF considers work that is not only well-composed, but also ambitious and representative of unbridled academic thinking. Showcased in this issue are essays from both the US and abroad that incorporate many disciplines of academic research, ranging from natural sciences to business and economics. Each piece embodies the diligence of the innovative authors that dedicate themselves to scholarship and exploration.

    The Journal of NY-CSEF aims to highlight the incredible capability of students and encourage an unconventional, explorative approach to learning. As you read this issue of NY-CSEF, consider the privilege of gleaning wisdom from carefully conducted academic research as well as the enthusiastic dedication of all the young, yet incredibly knowledgeable contributors. When compiling this issue, the editors at NY-CSEF truly valued the enriching information presented in the impressive student-written pieces; we hope you have a similar experience that may even inspire you to be featured in the journal in the future!

    Lastly, we would like to express gratitude towards the Managing Editors and the NY-CSEF Editorial Board members for their dedication; the large group of reviewers demonstrated exceptional diligence and enthusiasm while creating this issue. The editors contribute not only their insight but also their time. NY-CSEF would not succeed without their continuing support.

    Thank you for all of your continued interest and support. It has been an honor to serve as the Editor-in-Chiefs of the NY-CSEF, we are thrilled to provide these fresh perspectives on research to our readers and hope to continue to put our fresh ideas and passions in future journals.


    Dr. Steve Chan, Dr. Richard Manfready, and Daniel J. Morrison