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    Delving into Thoughts and Ideas

    Rather than committing to a set concept, a true explorer delves into many intriguing thoughts, ideas, and questions, investigating almost as a detective would. The mind of an explorer welcomes the vastness of its questions, without worrying about specific technicalities and delivering answers immediately. An explorative approach to learning is adventurous and liberating— endless discovery without judgement nor scrutiny. It is the ideal way to view new possibilities!

    For some, having an explorer's mind is an innate quality; simply one idea can branch out to multiple other possibilities for other thoughts and feelings. The explorer's train of thought is less similar to a locomotive running on a straight track but is rather like a sprouting plant that grows multiple branches and leaves. While it may seem difficult to redesign an entire way of thinking, everyone can adapt an explorative mind by learning several tips.

    It is imperative that your project is on a subject that you find fascinating and would want to investigate further. Because projects require lots of time and effort, be sure that you can stay invested through the duration of the investigation. Getting ideas can be difficult and may be the hardest part of your project; however, focusing on certain essential questions during the search can make finding a final topic a successful process. Answering questions about everyday interests and hobbies will help identify a subject that can captivate your attention.


    Dr. Steve Chan, Dr. Richard Manfready, and Daniel J. Morrison

    Co-Editor-In-Chiefs from Harvard University