Schedule Updates

    Schedules and Guidelines for the NYCSEF Competition


    Projects and experiences with integrating methods (or interdisciplinary fields) in non-science, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) studies are welcome! Suggested topics include:

    • Integrated studies throughout the curriculum
    • Pre-college initiatives and outreach programs
    • Diversity in STEaM from high school to college
    • Fundamental and applied educational research in integrated STEaM
    • Work in progess projects are also welcome.

    The due date for the submission of the research paper and application form is 7/6/2024. All applications are made online.

    • Submission of the research materials is open. You can go to the menu "Submission" and fill out the form to create an account and start your application. If you have any technical difficulties, you may contact administrator( with your information.
    • Submission is open to all international and U.S. students studying in grades nine through twelve
    • Finalists will be selected from the two sessions: poster session and research paper session based on the novelty and creativity of the research paper and will be announced on our website on July 17.
    • In-person presenters are invited to the physical fair at Harvard Club in NYC on 8/11/2024 for a poster presentation to win additional awards including cash awards, category awards, and special awards.
    • The research paper template can be downloaded from: "Download here the Research Paper template "
    • The application form is available from: [Download the Application Form].

    2024 Schedule Summary

    • Submissions open: October 1, 2023
    • Submissions close: July 6, 2024
    • Judging the submitted materials: rolling basis
    • Finalists are announced: July 17, 2024 (Announcement will be posted on website: please check the footer section on the front page.)
    • Submission materials: Research paper, PPT presentation file, application form, and other supplemental materials (please check General Information below.)

    Session (A): Poster Presentation - Registrations/Submission -

    Event Date Place
    Submission 10/1/2023~7/6/2024 Online
    Finalists Announcement 7/17/2024 Online
    NYCSEF/JYEM Expo 8/11/2024
    Harvard Club(NYC)

    - Poster Session: Grand Prize winner and other selected winners will receive cash awards and/or eGift Cards.


    File formats

    Files File Formats #Pages/Size
    Research paper* FN_LN_Category.doc(x) maximum 17 pages
    (Check the format)
    Poster (Selected Finalists) David_Math_Triangle.pdf 24" x 34"
    (width x height)
    Presentation (Selected Finalists) FN_LN_Category.mp4
    (7-10 min.)
    ppt slides
    (7-15 slides)


    Session (B): Research Paper Application

    • Submissions open: October 1, 2023
    • Submissions close: July 5, 2024
    • Judging: Papers(Full papers or Work-in-progress) will be reviewed on a rolling basis.
    • Finalists are announced: August 10, 2024 (Announcement will be posted on the website: please check the menu Awards on top or footer section on the front page.)
    • Submission materials: Please check the information below.
    • For the poster session, please check the "2024 JYEM/NYCSEF Expo" above.

    For the review for the selection of the finalists, we ask that you submit the following four materials via portal on our website or by email(due date: 7/5/2024). The file formats and notes are as follows:

    • Application form
      File name: Application_Form_FirstName_LastName.doc(x)

    • Formatted paper
      File name: Formatted_Paper_FirstName_LastName.doc(

    • Biography with your headshot photo
      1. 200 to 500 words(about half a page to a full page)
      2. File name: Biography_FirstName_LastName.doc(x)
      3. Please insert your headshot photo at the end of your biography.
      4. Sample:

    • Resume
      1. Please include all your acdaemic and other information, including skills and activities.
      2. Please include your current school name you attend or the school name you will attend in the upcoming school year(and area of study you are planning) in the Education section of your resume 3.File name: Resume_FirstName_LastName.pdf

    General Information

    1. Please upload the materials online: go to the menu bar on top and select “Submission Portal” to upload the project materials.
    2. Application form download: [download].
    3. Research paper dowinload: [download].
    4. Your project will be available for review by judges throughout the judging period.
    5. All the submissions will go through a rigorous triple-blind peer review.
    6. Submission deadline is at 11:59 EST on the day posted.
    7. Your research paper can be one of the following:
      - A work in progress (preliminary or initial stage of research/investigation) paper of 4~6 pages
      - A full paper with max. 15 pages
    8. Project paper cannot exceed 15 pages. (If it exceeds, please describe the reason via email.)
    9. Team  projects must check Team Project box in the application form [click here] and list all the coauthors’ information in the Author section of the Abstract including each author’s complete name, school, and email. Corresponding author should be noted.
    10. If you have problems uploading documents online, please send your research project documents(doc or docx file) or images/photos to directly with the application form.
    11. There are no strict formatting requirements for the poster and PPT presentation file: the PPT slides will have to contain the essential elements needed to describe your research content. Please add "NYCSEF-PPT Competition" to the first title slide (location: either top right or top left is fine).

      Scopes of the research paper

      Science, Engineering, Humanities and Social Science:

      • Sciences - Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Biochemistry
      • Engineering
      • Mathematics
      • Computer Science
      • Medicine / Health
      • Psychology
      • History
      • Social / Behavioral Studies
      • Economics / Business / Financial Engineering
      • Environmental Studies
      • Humanities
      • Art
      • Music
      • Philosophy
      • Political science