Grand Prize: Isabella Souza

  • Top 300 Regeneron STS Scholar
  • Neuroscience-fMRI Research
  • Columbia University (Syosset HS)

1st Place: Austin V. Crouchley 

  • 30 Finalists-National Broadcom M.
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Regis High School

2nd Place and 3rd Place

  • Sonia Hasko and Alisha Ansari -Environmental Science
  • Keneil Soni - Behavioral Science

List of Past NY-CSEF Award Winners

(Name/Research Area/Area of Study/School)

The cash prizes and e-Gift cards for winners have been supported and funded by an alumni research foundation at Harvard, Yale, MIT, and other prestigious schools and organizations.

  • Monetary awards ranging from $50 to $350 ($350/$200/$100/50) are given to the first place, second place, third place, and honorable mention.

  • A $1,000 monetary award is given to one Grand Prize winner.

Joshua Jones

  • Essential knowledge that unites humankind
  • Technology / Economics
  • University of Rochester(Half Hollow Hills HS)

Ivy Liang

  • Computational Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Caltech (Montgomery Blair HS)

Penny Brant

  • NASA Internship/MIT Rocket Team
  • Computer Science/AI
  • MIT (Phillips Exeter Academy)

Lin Jing Liu

  • Women in Computing at Cornell
  • CS or Operations Research
  • Cornell University (BTHS)

Giovanna Napoleone

  • Statistics + Medicine
  • Brain tumor cell 
  • Columbia University (Syosset HS)

Eric Jiefei Deng 

  • Middle East and Mediterranean Study
  • Political Science 
  • Columbia University

Noel Cercizi (Special Award: Water Quality Research)

  • Biological and Water Quality Research
  • Chemistry and Psychology
  • University of Chicago (BTHS)

Richard Chen (Special Award: Nano-material Research)

  • Energy and Nanoengineering
  • Physical Science 
  • UPenn