Scope of the Paper

    Guidelines for Scope

    NYSEF seeks to publish the best and most innovative scholarly manuscripts on science, engineering, human, social, and life science. A study that emphasize any human, social, phillosophy, economy and life science phenomenon as a major cause or effect can be the journal’s domain as well.. Additionally, NYCSEF features articles that contribute in some way to the improvement of general knowledge or empirical theory defined broadly. Although we may publish a manuscript designed to propose a solution to science, social, and current world problem, we prefer to publish those that also apply theoretical ideas and findings or address general questions debated in the scholarly community

    The editorial team sends submissions, except letters to the editor, to reviewers before making a decision to publish. Approximately 30 percent of manuscripts submitted to NYCSEF are ultimately published by the journal, while approximately 60 percent are judged by the editors as not ready or appropriate for external review. The standards of NYCSEF’s reviewers are high. Before submitting their work, authors are strongly encouraged to seek advice and detailed comments from colleagues.

    Science, Human and Social Research

    Science, Engineering, Humanitarian and Social Science

    We suggest science(life science and physical science), human, social, philosophy, economy and other researchers who collaborates with numerous other social, business, and human researchers in colleges and organizations to submit papers.

    Typical topics that we mainly accept under human, social studies, and philosophy include the followings:

    • Life Sciences - Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Physical Sciences & Sustainability - Physics, Engineering, and Math
    • Computer Science
    • Nutrition Science
    • Psychology
    • Social science
    • Human
    • Philosophy
    • Linguistics
    • Political science
    • Public administration
    • History
    • Social research
    • Art
    • Music